Carton & Paper Products

A wide variety to choose from

Our company has made sure to stock a wide variety of products for the packaging and handling of food. We have become the go-to company for all catering industries and we have a variety of products to ensure the perfect seal when packing food.

Finding the right product for you

  • Paper Plates
  • Food Containers
  • Paper Bowls
  • Cinema Disposables
  • Pizza Boxes
  • Disposable Cups

High-quality Materials

You can rest assured that even though the materials that we import are biodegradable and disposable they are still high quality materials that will hold food and beverages perfectly and are ideal for recycling purposes. We work with a variety of widely renowned companies that provide us with quality products created to be 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly however, still being of a great quality.

Biodegradable Products