Aluminium Products

Aluminium Food Containers

Materials of excellent quality

Another material that our company stocks is aluminium. We have a variety of products to choose from, all made with this highly sustainable material.

  • Foil containers in a round shape
  • Foil containers in a square shape
  • Foil containers in a variety of sizes

Lacquered Smoothwall Containers

Lacquered Smoothwall containers are ideal when it comes to packing high quality ready to cook food including red meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, BBQ food and dessert. These containers have a smooth rim and it can be lidded with film in order to proof pack the food for better preservation. Moreover, the corrugated bottom ensures greater rigidity and is also better for the circulation of hot air.

Eclipse Containers

These containers are 100% recyclable which means they offer the opportunity to use items that are completely sustainable without losing creativity and exclusivity when it comes to meals. These are also available with lids and can be used in a traditional or microwave oven, moreover, they are ideal for all kinds of food, as well as acidic and salty.

Why choose aluminium materials

The aluminium industry has made sure to emphasise the need to progressively reduce the environmental impact we have on the planet. Since the 90s the aluminium industry has reduced CO2 emissions significantly. This is possible because aluminium is 100% recyclable and perfect for a variety of applications. 

Our company works with renowned brands such as Contital, trusting them to provide us with items that are highly sustainable as well as being of high quality and durable, excellent for the catering industry.

Aluminium Food Containers

Food containers are essential when it comes to eating food that you will not consume immediately after it is prepared, like when delivery is about to take place. Aluminium material is often chosen because of its multiple properties. This material acts as a barrier against external contaminating agents which in the end prolongs the shelf life of food. This material can be used in the refrigerator, microwave and traditional oven.