Professional service, excellent quality

Biodegradable products

Our Values

Provide quality with every product that we offer our clients.

Use organic products that are friendly to the environment.

Provide our clients with an excellent choice as we understand that not every client is the same.

Keep ourselves well stocked so that our clients can have their products as soon as possible.

Why choose us

We provide clients with sustainable materials that are made to be used once but will not harm the environment. We keep ourselves well stocked so that we can ensure an excellent service to adhere to the needs of our clients. 

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Sturdy Materials

Our Materials

All our products are imported from brands that provide sustainable raw materials, which means that only natural materials that are renewable are used. You can rest assured that we have all the replacement to plastic that you need, items that will be sturdy nonetheless.

   Cups, plates and lunchboxes
   Different types of cutlery
   Straws and a variety of sticks and skewers

Carton & paper products
What we offer

Aluminium products that are environmentally friendly. Standard wrinkewall, with carton lids, semi smoothwall, lacquered and more.


Biodegradable utensils, cups and plates that are sturdy and these too are friendly to the environment.


Wooden products such as cutlery, skewers and sticks  for a variety of food.


Embrace the challange to keep well stocked to make sure that we can meet our client’s orders.


Stock from renowned brands ensuring quality above all else in everything that we offer.


Variety of materials and products to chose from to meet your packaging requirements.